Why SA's youth need basic workforce skills

January 06, 2022

The youth unemployment crisis in South Africa is something that has everybody concerned. Solving this problem will require all societal stakeholders to come together.

In an effort to play their part, our client Optimi Workplace, one of South Africa’s leading workforce education and training providers, has been helping to improve the skills of thousands of working South Africans.

Recently the company launched its Effective Workforce programme, which features 21 short courses that help workers take the next crucial step in advancing their knowledge and careers.

To mark this development, we helped Optimi Workplace produce an article on the importance of certain skills, including knowing how to put a CV together; understanding the ins and outs of business communication, business mathematics and budgets; reading payslips and dealing with diversity.

The article was widely picked up in the media and Optimi was interviewed on radio. Some of this media coverage is provided below.

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