Impactful thought leadership in Daily Maverick, Mail & Guardian

By Fox Street Communications, 30 September 2020

Impactful thought leadership in Daily Maverick, Mail & Guardian

We've helped our clients create and craft high-quality opinion articles that have been featured in some of South Africa's most respected media outlets, such as the Daily Maverick and Mail & Guardian.

Below are some of the examples of coverage we've managed to secure in these publications this year for our clients.

Closing the education gap

Jackie Carroll, a top education expert with Media Works (part of Optimi Workplace), had an article on the importance of adult matric published in the Mail & Guardian on 16 March 2020.

Future-proofing schools

Edwell Gumbo, MD of Optimi Classroom, had an op-ed article featured in the Daily Maverick in July 2020.

The article explained how and why schools need to start future-proofing themselves now in order to adapt the ever-changing landscape that our world faces.

Managing lockdown learning

Education expert, Lieb Liebenberg (from Optimi Group), provided some highly detailed advice to parents and teachers on how best to maximise learning from home.

The article was published by the Mail & Guardian in May this year and you can view the link by clicking here.

Importance of female leadership

During Women's Month in August, Jackie Carroll had an op-ed article published in the Daily Maverick.

The article looked at the importance of female leadership in the workplace, amid the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.





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